Blackwing X

Antiwar Poem One

Belligerent Chauvin brethren
old Judeo younger Christian
together neo-colonial conquerors
over their youngest brother Islam

What bloody harsh subjugations
Palestine Afghanistan Iraq
stay the course next dot
connected to the thin red line Iran...

Two years since shock and awe
how bizarre an end of the hangman's noose for Saddam
now entire populations poor peoples
living nightmares of chaos and horror
caught in a catastrophe and mired in a cruel kill for all
a messy combination tumultuous violence and terror

Cause on the ground with American tanks and cannons
or from the sky with choppers and bombers
day and night flexing its might raining down ordinances
rockets bombs missiles bullets
where ever they desire and at will
killing people blowing up buildings destroying infrastructure
creating d.u. air water noise pollution
an intermittent or non-existent electrical power grid system
public transport goods and services blasted to a screeching halt

Masses of folks big to little must endure on a daily basis
all kinds and types of strangulations
amongst other ghastly ordeals at hundreds of stifling hot checkpoints
where drivers and passengers in cars are constantly shot-up
the congested cities are choked by curfew from dusk till sunup
enforced by patrols of murderous militias and hungry for blood grunts...
and break-ins abductions at epidemic proportions
countless petrified families subdued by agony and trauma
the chest crushes from suffocation as rape running rampant
hordes of young and older men driven off to underground compounds
greeted by mad for kill torturers who drill bits that twist through skull
as tens of thousands perfectly innocent victims swept away
to merciless Abu Ghraib prison
many die hard by tormenting guards inflicting brutal punishment
while a myriad asphyxiated by the many numerous remote control
and suicide bombings at food marts music and pet shops
schools restaurants parks and mosques
and there's a steady flow decapitated corpses washing down the Tigris

Angry insurgents fights every enemy on any side
like the new Iraq gov Alcaeda and ancient tribes
old-friends family small or large clans next door neighbors
jumbo armies domestic-foreign
plus hundreds-thousands recruited cops and
hundreds-thousands more monster mercenaries
who specialize in barbary and heinous crimes upon human beings

So unwanted invasions occupations
so unnecessary destruction and death
incalculable pain suffering damage reparations can never pay back
far too many smothering spasms and convulsing gasps for air
making it quite impossible and most unbearable to breathe
only episodic fits-fights and desperate grasps to hold on for dear life
and stay alive with violence raging
inside occupied Palestine Afghanistan Iraq....