Blackwing X

America's Gov So Dreadful A Morph

America the beautiful, born seventeen-seventy-six
with a revolutionary government for and by the people
in the land renowned to be a beacon of light for freedom
equality and justice for all (for real?)
however, simply for selfish reasons, morphed into something dreadful
today year twenty-eleven we have a grisly gobbling Ghoul gov
that lusts to eat flesh, blood, gut and bone the world
in a unrelenting manner with sadistic brutal force...

Ghoul is comprised of powerful fiends, greed-ridden neo-con, neo-liberals
high financier tycoons, CEOs, military industrialists, elite blue bloods
Skulls and Bones and how many Uncle Toms serve Ghoul?
all the above, incompetent cronies self-appointed top officials
live only to conspire and birth hellish dreams
be number one in New World Order
however the goblins in senate and congress don't mind being number two
behind Israel cause they all have something evil in common
blood-lusting Zionists all together bashing Arabs and Islam
what criminal immoral behavior
and Ghoul's deadly tentacles are ever expanding to “bring it on” rah rah war!

The head of Ghoul are Banksters like The Federal Reserve
Bank of AmeriCo, JP Morgan-Chase, Goldman-Sachs, Citi Corps
whom own the monopoly board
never losses only gains as they roll along
new rules added old ones change conveniently suiting themselves y'all
and if Banksters go bust and fail, they're simply granted a huge TARP bail
and print more money under QE1, 2, 3, 4 there are no worries
or concerns when committing felonies or fraud
Banksters never go to jail but always pull the card to go scott free
and pounce once again on cheated victims create new opportunity
with get rich derivative swindles, pyramid and Ponzi schemes
tax evasion, money laundering, inside international trading
with the biggest buck bosses and bullion brokers
taking in more money than Midas ever touched
filling their bank vaults to the coffers
however not happy enough when the bank vaults packed with cash to the ceiling
never satisfies their insatiable lust for gold, silver, platinum
and tender baby flesh either...

Ghoul's grotesque tentacles among other things manufacture hardware
that causes carnage, destruction, hardship, despair
tentacles like General Dynamics, Northrup-Grumman, Lockheed-Martin
Boeing, Raytheon, clearing billions, trillions dishing up weapons
like advanced bombers, nukes, guidance missile systems
end result; radioactive creators spread all across the scorched earth...

Other heinous tentacles are contractor corps
hired gun slingers, soldiers of fortune
more like blood-thirsty werewolves in the full-moon night
on a murder spree reeking chaos and havoc
most notorious for inflicting pain and ruin against our will
acquiring huge sums of dough off other poor peoples woes
Blackwater, Haliburton,Titan
Dyncorp, Kellogg-Brown-Root...

And Ghoul's giant toxic tentacles chemical corps
DuPont, Union Carbide, Dow, Monsanto
produces millions tons carcinogens like PCBs, GMO, dioxin
circulates in the environment for hundreds-thousands years
absorbs in bodies alters DNA weakens with disease
boosts big Pharma tentacles, addicted to drug sales
profits from epidemics of cancer and benefits from raunchy tentacles
like McDonalds, Taco Bell, Colonel Sanders
serving up food loaded with animal lard, empty carbs, high fructose sugar,
gmo corn syrup, artificial flavors-colors, additives, preservatives, gobs of salt
contributing to "god" only knows, diabetes, clogged arteries, heart attack, stroke...
and there's a myriad of home grown sicknesses
that fat Pharma tentacles keep conjuring up
manifests from blended formula meds, serums and vaccines
which contain a hodge-podge of chemicals A to Z
made by the likes of Merck, Psfizer, Norvatis, Bristol-Myers-Squib
snake oil salesmen with claims, “cures” just about everything
however warning labels state, can cause severe side effects
with great risks of o.d. leading to organ failure and death
and beware of being hooked and hobbled, with a zero quality of life...

And there's the mad scientists Dr. Frankenstein biotech tentacles
most profitable monster Doctors Amgen, Biogen, Genzyme
resurrecting DNA from skulls and bones
mixing different kinds of strains from animal and vegetable eggs and sperms
incubating weird cultures and things in test tubes and petri-dishes
mutating genes, clones, bringing in all sorts of creepy new life forms
human pigs-mice-sheep, GMO creatures in everything
our air, water, medicine, food we eat

And Ghoul's tentacles show no mercy gagging and hooding the globe
fiendish mainstream media promotes the Ghoul's hoax and Zionist hopes
and with more concern for successful Madison Avenue ads
that bring in billions in revenues
and less concern about bringing their duped readership honest and real news
makes certain the status-quo bar set at the highest level
by making sure every word slanted and every line yellow
creates terror, instigates war, chaos and catastrophes
with a never ending stream of unwonted crises
day after day society left in the dark and in danger danger danger
cause truth is censored and replaced with bold face lies
most outrageous hence the deadliest tentacles Fox, CNN, NPR
Wall Street Journal, New York Times...

And perfect sleaze-ball tentacles that take fantastic inventions
originally designed for an easier and higher life
like for sharing information and knowledge that boggles the mind
and entertainment that simply dazzling
computer, IT, telecommunications, software corps and social networking
what do they do? take the joy out of www and phone calls
by seizing the web and radio-wave technology to GET RICH and SPY
and sting for Ghoul, and even with a public out-cry
don't monitor our surfing, stop reading our emails and listening in on our calls
enough snooping into our personal lives and businesses, it's perverted y'all
biggest sleaze-balls tentacles spies for Ghoul
Microsoft, INTEL, ATT, Comcast, Facebook, Google

And greasy slimy elephantine tentacles that power Ghoul's armies, air force
naval fleets, generating stations, trains, trucks, buses, autos
the richest fossil fuel tentacles drilling for gas and oil
polluting pristine oceans, plains, deserts, jungles
streams, marshlands, the gulf
Chevron, Exxon-Mobil, BP, Shell churning up daily millions barrels crude
with total disrespect for environment
with total disregard for peoples health and well being
to keep costs low BP rejects sane engineering
takes no safe-guard precautions for extracting
knowing well in deep waters under huge pressures
blowout gushers are inevitable
and a calamity in the making predictable
cause when so much pollution contaminates the biosphere, land, space, sea
and when concentrations of benzine, heavy metals like arsenic, lead, mercury
and radio-active particles exceed safe limits for humanity
then the biosphere becomes like inhabitable
everything poisoned and withers as far the eye can see
leaves wakes of devastation plants, insects, birds, fish
food-crops, wildlife and people go extinct...

Those are some horrific tentacles growing off Ghoul
when once upon a time circa seventeen-seventy-six
a revolutionary gov was born
bringing freedom, liberty, equality, justice
and all that good morphed really bad
no wonder things look ugly and grim
Ghoul craves to eat people and make money playing the Con
every move a boom or bust bet, table-steaks gambles to make war
then cakewalk to conquest and domination, huh!
it's the animal mind of Ghoul with i.q. less than four
it cannot help doing great harm, bent on destruction of Arabic civilization
and pilfer and plunder everyday for the ultimate prize
one-quadrillion dollars in oil windfall profits...