Blackwing X

An Abbreviated Poetical Story Of Historical Palestine Late 1800's To the Present Time

It became a seriously bad situation for Palestinians
after dwelling millennia on a pristine coastal plain
along the aqua marine Mediterranean
as Zionism began to flow with five aliyah immigrations
first beginning late 1800s turn of the century
aliyahs were increasing to a steady stream
mostly on account of Balfour's declaration in '17
as local Jewish populations swelling upon the indigenous Arab lands
spilling over the rim in '20
results in the first heavy Jewish and Arab blood-letting...

Now as European Jews were fleeing the Nazi storm of death and slavery
under Hitler's tyranny by the fifth and final aliyah that started in '33
immigration rising to high flood stages when a tidal wave of 250,000
sad surviving scared out of the bejesus Jews escaped the holocaust
just in the nick of time for sure
crashed upon the blood stained shore
inundated the coast nearly at once awash with immigrants
and so it was inevitable and certainly would come to pass
another huge clash “Great Uprising”
Arab Revolt '36 through '39 for freedom!

Now the Brits thought they had a hold on occupied Palestine since WW1
for their own selfish imperialist reason to control the Egyptian Suez Canal
but could not contain bet aliyah illegal immigration anyhow during WW2
and could not stop Menachem Begin founder of Irgun
the terrorist bombing organization forcing Israeli statehood
(matter of fact Israeli terrorism could not be stopped post WW2)
although the Brits did their best from '40 to '48 and tried
to decrease bet aliyah to prevent a third Arab uprise
came down to a relative few desperate sorry smuggled in Jews
75,000 illegal immigrants permeated into the blood soaked territories
however there was a lull in the fighting between the foes
until it went down on that stormy night 11-29-'47
when a co-conspiring pro-Zionist UN General Assembly
out-voted 33 yea to 13 resounding nays
(all the Mid and Near-east Arab Persian Islam peoples in consensus)
10 neither yea or nay abstentions went along with the deplorable sham

So the mandate was past to partition Palestine
produced a miscarriage of justice and an ugly mess
when belligerent people declared itself a nation
waging war upon its birth
hacking apart the belly of the once majestic body Mother Earth

At once a dark shroud covered all her good natured children
when so many human rights morals intrinsic values are exed out
under one god named Jahweh what ever that means
with a six pointed star symbol flesh shredding shield of David?
cast in iron welded on blue and white heavy metal
unwanted like a doomsday bomb it was hoisted over Palestine
in the midst of an ancient Arabian civilization
between a multitude of mighty peoples
comes a frightful political-social nightmare bloody foreign Israel

Instantly matters are ten-fold worse cause Palestinians are in trespass
and how Arab real estate violates Greater Eretz Israel!
with brand new offensive doctrines in place for implementation
like all homes and buildings must be confiscated
include farms businesses properties
thousands dunams orchards parks gardens
open space plains plateaus rivers lakes valleys rolling hills mountains
claims to own historical sites archeological grounds
the most revered places in the “Holy-land”
scribed in the Torah Bible Koran...

No doubt the power that be Ben Gurion deemed all natives as squatters
on and over the new state's freshly drawn lines on maps and borders
was the best excuse used by the Jewish Haganah army
that had by '48 morphed giant leaps and bounds
from Zionists loathing peace to cheering war on
with support from super rich pro-Zionist weapons brokers
profiteers in the West
viola with so much more punch and power came to be the IDF
a cunning blood-thirsty monster had all the arms they could muster
was well prepared for the big bad blow off of all the Palestinian Arabs
and how perplexing about possessing only a few archaic guns
if any at all of her own
(cause the Brits during occupation '17 through '47
by force had taken most all)
and now people were defenseless and faced with violent eviction
and how they were trapped
and how they were vulnerable victims unable to defend life and home

So in great haste volunteer Arabian armies from Baghdad to Cairo
did the righteous thing came pell-mell to Palestine's rescue
to liberate their poor neighbor family and friend
charging right on to the thin red line Eretz Israel!

Alas with small and large guns on land in air upon the sea
the IDF laid waste the Arabian Jihad without no mercy
and so for the war to take it all for keeps Israel won
resulting in a bloody rampage Al-Nakba
“The Catastrophe” an untold horror
the outcome had an enormous cleansing effect
13,000 indigenous Palestinians were shot dead
many thousands innocents maimed
530 age-old villages bombed to smithereens
750,000 desperate human beings flee the carnage and save their lives
but gone away forever from their once pristine coastal plain paradise
along the aqua marine Mediterranean
driven homeless destitute destination desolate refugee tent camps
in the wildernesses of Syria Jordan Lebanon West Bank
and soon to be open-air concentration camp
in the Gaza strip...

Now today not many a poor Palestinian who survived Al-Nakba
have yet to experience one day go by and not suffer
since Israeli statehood over sixty-two years ago
there was and is NO PEACE NO JUSTICE
by being broken beaten beyond belief held prisoner tortured
behind apartheid walls there is little fun or joy
mostly fear and doom day and night hardship grief struggling
while at the same time slipping back into the brink
and risk the loss of everything
built out of the rubble and ash over and over and over again
since that fateful night late in '47 when the dazed confused corrupt UN
gave the go ahead green light to the Zionists and partition Palestine friend....